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Macadamias Australia is a family owned and operated
grower and worldwide exporter of quality Australian macadamias

Macadamias Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are macadamias packed?

    Macadamias Australia uses nitrogen flushed – vacuumed sealed laminated foil bags, which are put into a fibre board carton.

  2. How should the cartons be stored?

    In a cool, dry area.

  3. What is the shelf life?

    18 months (unopened).

  4. What are the standard carton dimensions?

    Cartons are 360 x 280 x 200mm.

  5. How many cartons to a pallet?

    There are 88 cartons to a pallet.

  6. What is the net weight of kernel in a carton?

    This is dependent on the style of the kernel. Styles 0, 1, 2, 3,4L and 4S are in 11.34kg /25lbs cartons. Styles 5, 5NC, 6NC, 7NC and 8NC are in 10kg/22.04lbs cartons.

  7. How many cartons can be palletised in a 20 foot shipping container?

    Approximately 1430 cartons, which equates to 16, 216.20kg

  8. When is the best time to enquire about ordering bulk macadamias?

    Enquiries are taken all year. However, as we typically contract our entire harvest each year, ideally contract discussions should take place between February – May. Please visit our Macadamias Australia Calendar of Harvest , which provides comprehensive details on contract, pricing and shipping information.

  9. What is the nutritional information of the macadamia nuts?

    View our Nutritional Certificate for further information.

  10. What are our payment terms?

    Payment terms are determined on an individual contract basis.

  11. What is meant by LCL and FCL?

    In shipping terms – LCL stands for ‘Less Container Load’ and FCL stands for ‘Full Container Load’.

  12. Are samples available?

    On request Macadamias Australia is able to provide a small sample of specific styles, for buyers to review. Contact Us