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Production Supply Calendar

CROP ESTIMATES                  
  PRICE & VOLUME ESTIMATES              




  • With approximately 130,000 trees on over 1100 acres of land, harvesting begins in February and continues through to August each year.
  • The nuts fall to the ground during this time and are regularly harvested during these months.
  • Dehusking occurs within 24 hours of harvesting; this facilitates drying and lowers the heat respiration rate.
  • Once harvested and dehusked the NIS (Nut-in-Shell) is stored on site in silos where the drying process begins
  • The drying process aims to achieve a moisture content of 10% NIS before the product is sent to the processing facility
  • Macadamias Australia is an innovator in macadamia drying techniques utilising a biomass macadamia drying process.

Crop Estimates

  • This stage takes place between January and April of each year.
  • With the harvesting and cracking underway, we are able to begin estimating the potential crop yield for the season
  • This enables us to determine how much Macadamia Kernel is likely to be produced for the season.
  • Estimating the crop yield will then provide the base information for determining volume estimates


  • The cracking stage runs from March through to October.
  • Once the initial drying stages of the first harvesting round are complete at our Bundaberg farm, the NIS is delivered to an offsite processing facility where the process of removing the Kernel from the shell is completed, otherwise referred to as the Cracking stage.
  • As a result of the drying stage the kernel shrinks away from the inside of the shell which allows the shell to be cracked leaving the kernel undamaged.
  • Before the NIS is cracked it is furthered dried to achieve a moisture content of 3.5%.
  • Given the processing timeframe at the offsite facility, it will be several weeks after the NIS leaves our Bundaberg farm before we know the outcome of styles and quantities that are produced.

Price & Volume Estimates

  • February through to the beginning of May is one of the most important stages for our Wholesale buyers as we are able to provide an estimate of the expected base cost as well as probable quantities we are able to supply.
  • Style Price per/ kg is influenced by several factors including Global considerations such as exchange rates, inflation rates as well as global crop production estimates.
  • At this stage we able to begin negotiating with wholesale buyers and discussing details that will assist in determining the contracted price such as port of discharge, LCL or FCL shipments, labelling etc.
  • It is important to Macadamias Australia to promote a stable market to ensure sustainability of the Industry.


Contract Finalisation

  • Each year Macadamias Australia contracts its entire expected supply of Macadamia Kernel.
  • Once price and volume estimates have been determined the process of finalising individual contracts can begin.
  • Specific contract details are set out including payment terms, macadamia kernel style, price p/kg, quantity, freight requirements, insurance and approx. shipment schedule.
  • During this phase we will work closely with you and answer any questions you may have
  • Depending on the individual client requirements the below documentation can be provide for all wholesale orders.
    • Certificate of Origin
    • Certificate of Analysisv
    • Bill of Lading (BoL)
    • Packing List
    • Customer Invoice
    • Phytosanitary certificate
    • Labels (if requested)
    • Certificate of Free Sale


  • Our new season macadamia kernel availability starts in May of each year. This allows us to have regular supplies for our contracted customers.
  • To ensure our product gets to you on time and in the required quantities we closely monitor our production and shipping schedule factoring in cracking and shipping timeframes.
  • All our orders are shipped using a freight forwarder located in close proximity to the Port of Brisbane, this allows for a smooth process in organising all the necessary shipping documents.

Macadamia nuts

Wholesaler Tips

  • Have a read of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) it will provide you with useful information such as how our macadamia kernel is packaged, storage life, how many cartons to a Pallet and other relevant information you may require if you are importing our product into your country.
  • Fill in our Enquiry form with the details requested, this will assist in ensuring a prompt response from Macadamias Australia.